‘Hotel Buchanan’ Brightens Bassa

‘Hotel Buchanan’ Brightens Bassa


MONROVIA: With the departure of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf under whose leadership private sector development flourished remarkably well, the latest establishment of the Buchanan Hotel in the port city of Buchanan, has brightened the county to the extent that it has become a compelling destination for all Liberians and other visitors.

The hotel popularly referred to as ‘Hotel Buchanan’ and located between the intersection of Robert and Church Streets was established on January 16, 2017 through the AYA Group, a cocoa and coffee exporting conglomerate in Liberia.

During a visit to the hotel over the weekend in that part of the country, the hotel which ideally overlooks the scenic beauty of the Atlantic Ocean is said to be the largest facility in Grand Bassa County; it is housed in a three (3) story building festooned with 35 rooms and suites including a Presidential suite, twin,   king-size and executive suites. Also, the hotel boast of a professionally operated conference hall which can accommodate 100 guests.

The hotel is intricately equipped with closed circuit television cameras that provide added security coverage to the hotel and at the same time, Wi-Fi internet facility for guests to access information on the world information superhighway.

Besides, the hotel has in its collection, a restaurant which serve delicious African and European dishes, basketball court, and a swimming pool where guests cool down or work out after a day’s activity.

According to the Deputy General Manager and Public Relations Officer of the hotel, Emmanuel Z. Wragboe, “the presence of the facility in Buchanan has added a new dimension to the county’s development because it has assisted in the empowerment of citizens of Bassa through its employment program.”

Speaking further, Wragboe noted that the good thing about the hotel’s management is the preference given to the employment of only citizens hailing from the county unlike other investors who bring their workers from Monrovia while the locals painstakingly clamor for jobs from the same investment institutions.

Additionally, he pointed out that the hotel currently has in its employ, 45 persons predominantly from the county including 2 Phillippinos and 1 Egyptian serving as expatriates at the managerial level.

Quizzed about the capacity of the work force at the hotel, the Deputy Manager said there has been extensive induction training and continuous training by the management to guarantee efficient performance and hospitality of its staff on an international level.

Wragboe furthered that their customer services since the establishment of the hotel has been quite impressive and of first class quality especially during the electioneering period in the country; “we attracted a huge number of various political aspirants as guests at the hotel, during their campaigns.

Besides, we hosted government officials, UN personnel, local and international non-governmental organizations personnel, and individuals from Sweden, America, United Kingdom, Norway and other visitors around the world,” the Deputy General Manager stated.

Continuing, Wragboe maintained that business have been invariably good but was quick to point out that there is this huge challenge of running the hotel on a 24-hourly basis as they burn approximately 1,000-1,500 gallons of fuel daily to generate power from the hotel’s generators.

“However, we are doing everything possible to keep the hotel in full swing because our many customers rely on us for the great services we provide  and as such,  ‘Hotel Buchanan’ will always be the game-changer for the hospitality industry in Grand Bassa and the entire country as well,”  Wragboe boasted.

Responding to questions from newsmen about the cost of the hotel’s investment, he put the total cost at over US$2 million and also disclosed plans of expanding the hotel by constructing 32-bedroom structure around the pool area with the inclusion of a plush conference room that will accommodate 500 guests.

Meanwhile, as part of its corporate social responsibility to the citizens of the county, the Deputy Hotel Manager told journalists that the hotel’s management underwrote a large part of the activities which marked the 3rd graduation of the Grand Bassa Community College (GBCC) on January 25, 2018.

The activities kicked off with a class night around the hotel’s pool on January 21 and it attracted hundreds of members of the graduating class including relatives and well-wishers.

Speaking on behalf of his colleagues, President of the graduating class, Julius Redd, expressed gratitude to the management of hotel Buchanan for permitting the class to host its activities around the pool and also the hotel’s financial support which, he said, allowed them to vividly reflect on the struggles they passed through during their academic sojourn.

He also lavished praises on the interim President of the College, Rev. Dr. Samuel Reeves for his immense contribution to the transformation and rebranding of the institution which, he said, has not only made GBCC mature but  become a bastion of academic excellence in the county.


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