Rice Importers Agrees To Price Reduction

Rice Importers Agrees To Price Reduction

In the wake of the delicacy that have always been attached to the commodity, rice which is the staple food of the country, the leadership of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) headed by President George Weah recently met with members of the Rice Importers Association of Liberia to hold discussions on the reduction of the price of the item on the local market.

During the meeting which began on Thursday February 1 and continued till February 2, 2018, the officials of the association agreed on the reduction of the price of 25kg bag of rice by two United States dollars while the 50kg by four United States dollars.

On the first day of the meeting, the Liberian President had this to say; “If government-imposed tax is an issue, you can rest assured that my government is more than ready to grant reasonable adjustments in the tax regime to make the reduction of rice price possible.”

The Liberian leader pointed out that he was determined to ensure that something was done immediately to stabilize the local rice market in order to enhance availability and affordability of the commodity for every average Liberian citizen.

At the close of the meeting, the Chairman of the Rice Importers Association, John Bestman in collaboration with other members of the body unanimously agreed to the reduction of the commodity in the interest of the state and its people noting that rice is a sensitive political commodity in the nation’s body politics to be toyed with.

Earlier, President Weah had proposed a US$3.00 reduction on the 25kg bag of rice but the rice importers cited many challenges confronting them and made the Liberian leader to understand that in future, when the conditions become favorable, they will reduce the commodity’s price to the barest minimum.

On the sidelines of the meeting, some newsmen caught up with one of the major rice importers, Alhaji Sow of Fouta Corporation who noted that the interaction with the Liberian President, George Weah was not only pleasant but exemplified a camaraderie quite unconceivable of many African leaders that usually exude power and authority.

The meeting was attended by Presidential Affairs Minister, Nathaniel McGill, Finance Minister, Samuel Tweah, Commerce Minister, Professor Wilson K. Tarpeh, Information Minister, Lenn Eugene Nagbe and Legal Adviser to the President, Archie Bernard.






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