Musa Bility condemns protest against Raji

Musa Bility condemns protest against Raji


Source: Liberiasportonline


Outgoing Liberia Football Association President Musa Bility  has condemned Saturday protest against LFA Presidential hopeful Mustapha Raji.

A group of young people Saturday held placards protesting that Raji is a Nigerian national and as such he should not be allowed to participate in the March 2018 Football poll.

Bility described the action by the group as unacceptable; nothing that football does not discriminate against anyone.He said the LFA will launch an investigation to identify the instigators of the protest and that drastic action will be taken, if anyone is found liable.

He said the LISCR FC President has contributed immensely to Liberian Football over the years.“I remember a time in 2012 where there was a constant demonstration at LFA against me,” says Bility.“If we begin to demonstrate our sense of segregation which is against football, when we find out that there is anyone that is in the LFA behind it, we will deal with the person”.

The Liberia Football Association is not the place for segregation because I am troubled about the protestors planted out of the Congress hall,” he stated.

Meanwhile the head of the protesters, Tyrone Marshall, claimed that the LISCR FC President is a ‘Nigerian’ and as such stakeholders should resist him strongly from contesting the LFA’s top Seat.Marshall, who is also Executive Director of Liberia Returnee Network attributed his protest as a means of letting Liberians know that gone are the  days when Liberians sat back and allowed Liberia’s heritage to be swept under the carpet”.

He challenged the LFA Presidential hopeful to proof his nationality if he really wants to contest the LFA Presidency. According to him, as a civil society leader who has lived out of Liberia for over sixteen years and understands the dialectics of what football is, he has not seen a foreign club president to occupy the helm of a country’s FA.

“There is no way in my view and with the conviction of the number of years you lived in Nigeria, Ghana, even with any businesses that you earned, it will not give you the audacity to wanting to contest a position that plays a major roll within the body in those countries, especially the youths.“I spent my own money to do what I am doing for the sake of this country,” he said.

He thinks if Mustapha Raji participation in the upcoming LFA Elections is a gross violation of Chapter 25, Article 58.1 of the revised LFA status and, which he feels is his own right by birth.

“The President shall not be younger than 25 years. The President must have been President in one of the Members of LFA in the last two years before the elections.

The President shall have a minimum qualification of a bachelor degree; the other members of the Executive Committee shall have a minimum qualification of a high school diploma.

He shall not have been found guilty of a criminal offense. He shall have the Liberian nationality and shall have residency within the territory of Liberia.”

contributing journalist-Boy Dolo


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