Gas Importers Create Artificial Shortage, Hike wholesale and pump price on the Market

Gas Importers Create Artificial Shortage, Hike

wholesale and pump price on the Market


Ms. Nyemadi D. Pearson Managing Director

Even though evidence shows that 15,700 metric tons of mix products, amounting to 4 million gallons has been imported, yet the country continue  to experiencing huge shortage of gasoline on the petroleum market.

 Relevant authorities before the two holidays ( National decoration Day and Liberia’s President Joseph Jankins Roberts birthday) has been brain storming  to  figure out what has been the Couse of the gasoline shortage on the market.

  As a result of the artificial shortage pump price of gasoline has automatically   increase in the capital city Monrovia to LD 470.00-LD 500.00 while in  rural Liberia,  southeastern Liberia to specific Sinoe and grand kru is sold for ld 900-1000.00 ld respectively  even in some places the product  is difficult to obtain.

 The  National Petroleum Company (NP)  TOTAL, Srimix,  MOTC, West oil, etc are the  major petroleum importers in the country, but it is  believed that  with the amount of  gasoline (15,700 metric tons of mix products, amounting to 4 million gallons) recorded by authority of the Liberia  petroleum refinery corporation  it is alleged that the  petroleum market in the country is heading for serious problem.

The management of the Liberia Petroleum Refinery Corporation (LPRC) who is also custodian of the Petroleum storage terminal (PST) says there is no shortage of petroleum on the market and is investigating to find out why people are holding product.

The media relations office of LPRC in addressing this institution enquiry said “his institution is deeply concerned about the situation and management has launched a spontaneous investigation to find out perpetrators.

The LPRC’s media relations office stated that as of yesterday, there is 15,700 metric tons, comprising 4 million gallons of mix product in the country, adding that news of gas shortage is a hoax. 

The office could not elaborate further on the issue, but stated that the LPRC would issue a statement on the situation as soon as the investigation was concluded.

A pump  price of  gasoline is sold at LD$460 or above, depending on the location and in some places difficult to find,  while a (Camp Boy)  black market price is LD500.00

retailers who spoke to the Business Day Liberia recently said  that the price of the petroleum  product on Liberian market will continue to  increase on a daily basic  because importers are refusing to sell the product.

In some instances the retailers noted that some importers were selling the gas at exorbitant rate.

A few retailers who claimed to be supporters of George Weah’s Coalition for Democratic Change stated that they believe the artificial shortage is being created to undermine the government of the soccer legend.

They stated that two major Liberian gas importers are political opponent of President Weah and believe shortage is being created to embarrass the government.

Look, my brother, this whole gas thing is political, leave it or take it, “There are people in the previous government who benefited from the gas business at the expense of the poor masses, and they feel threatened by the change of regime. They are doing this deliberately to create public outcry against the new government.”

They called on the LPRC and the Ministry of Commerce authorities to move quickly to nip this situation in the butt.

They disclosed that the situation could get worst, if government delays to act.

No Gas importers would avail themselves for interview on the issue. Investigation continues.


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