Koffa to Construct 60 Housing Units in Grand Kru County

Koffa to Construct 60

Housing Units in

Grand Kru County

-A good start for pro-poor government

By: David Oye Publisher Hints Magazine Liberia / West Africa News Researcher

Grandkru Districtrit #2 Representative Hon. Fonati Koffa a new lawmakers elected and certificated, is starting with a brilliant goal of providing housing units for residents of his district. Hon. Koffa is setting a good start for pro-poor government for constructing 10 modern houses annually for the next six years , which is going to relive the citizens under his constituency.

Stated by him, the recent trip to the USA where he met with partners, who are willing to assist with the project are part of the major reason he went to lobby to achieve the development plan.

Stated by him, the housing project was estimated to cost him US$3,500 for each decent two-bedroom unit and will be handed to people on cost free within the constituency. Reflecting two of the major things he promised during the recent campaign where he addresses issues of housing and education infrastructure in Grand Kru County.

The other reason for the trip to the USA was not only to talk to district #2 residents in the US but to talk to some certain organization with educational funds, resources and materials. “We have high schools in our district; we want to see how we can revitalize and refurbish those schools by also adding computers and Internet facilities and seek assistance in teaching resources and training from abroad.” “Present housing facilities in my district are very deplorable. Most of my people live in mud houses with thatched roofs. “We want to embark on a program that will see us do 10 of those houses a year for the next six years.

If we can do more than 10 in a year’s time, it will be fine.” Hon. Koffa in his statement that “Ahteenah Group” will partner with the Gbowee Foundation, which will shortly start an assessment for the project. “We are going to have a system setup where we will identify the site, and ask if people will consent to allow their structures to be broken and a new one constructed. “We are not going to give people more rooms than they have; there are lots of older people who are unable to go to the bushes and dub their houses. We want to catch those people first.”

Hon. Koffa promised that as a lawmaker from the Southeast, which has a major challenge of road, he will be very vigorous in the upcoming budget process to ensure that government’s priorities do include the beginning of the road improvement in the Southeastern part of the country major project. This has made Hon. Fonati Koffa to kick a good start in his Representative position and as the head on Judiciary- House of Representative, Republic of Liberia.

He also Submits Liberian Business and Economic Empowerment Act of 2018 Earlier before he travelled to the USA. The Plenary of the Honorable House of Representatives of the 54th Legislature has mandated its committees on Judiciary, Ways, Means and Finance, Commerce and Labor to scrutinize a proposed Act seeking to strengthen and protect Liberian businesses.

This has also bring close to our attention that people like Hon. Fonati Koffa will be of great asset and help to the Pro- Poor Government lead by President George Manneh Weah. He will not only be an advantage to Grand kru County but also to Liberian at large, because of his love for his people and development in the interest of common Liberian. I hope more are to come from Hon. Koffa as his six years appointment is just starting.

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