IN Grand Kru County, Hon. Koffa Gets Tough, Demands the closure Of Mining Activities






Grand Kru County District #2 Representative, Hon Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa arrived on Sunday 25th of March in his constituency as his first visit following his confirmation in the office.

Koffa, at the head of a high   power delegation comprising some permanent citizens of the county, media personnel and   arrayed of PSU personnel is visiting the county mainly   electoral district # 2 with the aim of implementing the county caucus and the Ministry of Land Mines and Energy mandate and as well promote peace and reconciliation in his district.

Over the past years Grand kru county has  been victim of illegal mining activities, miners extract huge quantities of gold thereby living the county undeveloped,  predicated upon this situation  the county legislative caucus  in line  with the Ministry of Land Mines and Energy has decided to suspend all mining activities   until mining entities  can meet all legal requirements.

Koffa, said his action in the  county is to redeem his county and  Also   ensure every mining area that will be legally approved will be able to bring development within their various mining communities to benefit the citizens and not to cause environmental pollution that may be of harm to its residents.

There are also reports of the influx of Ghanaians miners illegal entrance by  the way of the Atlantic ocean in grand Kru County  using earth moving equipment.


Meanwhile, Representative Koffa’s    is to  promote  peace and reconciliation in his constituency after a recent political race which he won with a wide margin of 4,000 plus vote as Representative elect and certificated.

He said it is about time  to bring the citizens from different political background together to make peace and carry them along to work with him in peace and harmony irrespective of their different political background.

Koffa will also be appreciating the citizens from various towns under his constituency who has entrusted him with their votes, and designated him in as their new leader.  The honorable man will also join his fellow citizens  to discuss the new agenda and plans he has to move the county forward. Adding “ during campaign period there were allot of promises I made  which I am getting prepared to start the implementations and to make them reality”.

Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa is laying a good example by creating love to for his citizens and to be the first Representative to meet up with far-fetched expectation in the history of Grand kru at large.

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