Ban  On  Logging  Activities Will Undermines Weah Development Agenda

Ban  On  Logging  Activities Will

Undermines Weah Development Agenda

-NPA Boss


The Acting Managing Director of the National Port Authority (NPA) Cecelia Cuffy Brown Thursday said former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf eleventh hour executive order was meant to strangulate President George Weah’s administration.

Two months to the end of the Johnson Sirleaf’s administration, the ex-president issued Executive Order # 89 that banned logging activities.

“The out station ports depend on logging activities to generate funds for the country. Sometimes in October former President Sirleaf issued executive order #89, depraving the country of needed revenues,” she said.

“If the past government executive order was well-intentioned it should have been done prior and not where a new government was about to take over the nation’s leadership.”


The NPA boss told the Ministry of Information Thursday press briefing port users were paying US$3.00 per meter of log for using our port facilities,”

During my analysis, I realized that I was signing and paying checks to people when those checks should have been paid to government revenue, she said.

“ If we’re depraved of the needed revenues, we’re not going to be able to employ people.”

“We can’t employ those people because we, as a government will fail and we are not here to fail. We have to impact the lives of the people because that’s the platform on which this government was elected.”

Madam Brown said the NPA has written President Weah for intervention to ensure that government accrued the lawful revenues from its seaports.



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