Observed good business practice or face closure

Observed good business practice or face closure

-commerce minister Tarpeh warns investors


While it is true that  the government  0f Liberia is  committed to protecting businesses, as long as they continue to function within the relevant laws and guidelines, the  government  under the leadership  president          George M. WEAH will not  accept any attempts by who be business person or investor to deliberately or otherwise exploit  consumers.

It is against this background that the government of Liberia through the ministry of commerce and industry recently launched a vagarious inspection of warehouses in the capital to weed out substandard and expired commodities from Liberian parallel market.

Over the years according to investigation conducted by the business day, Liberia commerce has been used as a dump site for substandard commodities, toxic waste  etc emanating from Asia, Europe and America.

But what is much more  amazing is that in 1997 the government of Liberia in its efforts  to reduce the high level of  substandard goods inflowing the market of the country,  government  contracted  the  services of   Bureau  VERITAS ( BIVAC ) a French pre-shipment inspection entity  to provide pre-shipment inspection and destination inspection services  on the quality and quantity  of commodities  entering the commerce of the country,   but  on the contrary   BAVIC presence  in the country   continue to creates more  room for the  proliferation of  substandard and  expired goods on the Liberian  parallel market.


Because of  BIVAC  failure to live up to the term of the contractual agreement,  government through its investigative network  discovered  and  imposed a fine of US$75,000 on Abi Jaoudi Supermarket and Azar Trading Company and also fine  Founi corperation  25.000 for violating section 26.2 of the Public Health Law,  the  indiscriminate price-hiking of essential commodities, the sale of substandard food and non-food items and expired goods.

Consumers in the county believed that  the impulsive change in BAVIC  scope of duty from  providing pre-shipment  inspection on the quality of commodity to quantity  of goods continues to create more rooms for importers to flow the market with  expired goods  in Liberia.

Having observed lapses in  BIVAC  scope of  operation   consumers  believed that  There is a need for Government  under the pro-poor arrangement review BIVAC  contractual agreement.

Adding” that  the France base so-called pre-inspection company over the year has done more harm to the consuming populace then providing protection”.

Since the National  election and the subsequent inauguration of George M. Weah Pro-poo r government,    consumers continue to experience some radical   changes  in the business community owing to the fact that  government  drastic engagement with  the business community which include the   reviewed of the high price of basic  commodities on the parallel market ( the nation stipple food rice,  etc continue  to bear fruits as  business owners continue  clears  their various  warehouses for fear of not  being caught and fine.

Consumers believed that the move by the Government through the ministry of commerce and industry if continue could freighting   black marketers, and this sudden changes   could ultimately reduce the high proliferation of substandard goods in Liberia.


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