Do Away with bad Labor   practices

Do Away with bad Labor   practices

­­- Samer Halabi urges investors

The proprietor and Chief Executive Officer of the Boulevard palace Hotel l  Mr. Samer Halabi, had  called  on investors  operating in Liberia to do away  with bad labor  practice  in their various  business establishments in Liberia.

He said  bad labor practice in every business establishment universally is  segregative  and as such  shouldn’t   be encourage  by  clear and potential investor because it also   endangers the future  of the business   institution.

Halibi who made the comment recently at his five star hotel Boulevard office  during a  exclusive interview  with journalist  following a program  marking honoring of hotel Boulevard as the CSO ‘s  best Hotel of the year  2017, said he will remain committed   law abounding and as well provide  quality Hotel  service .

The construction of  Boulevard palace, is a clear manifestation of his desire to contribute towards  the    rebuilding process of Liberia. Adding “the hotel which is built up to international standard, offers quality services and warm hospitality to its many customers”

According to the pro-democracy group, the Society for the Promotion of peace, National Reconciliation and Reunification, (SPPNRR) the selection of the hotel was done through a vetting process which pundits believe  was credible and transparent out of several hotels operating in the country.

Presenting the award to the general manager of the hotel, Mr. Anwar Futloo, the national chairman of the organization, Mr. J. Mayfield Copson, highlighted management  many humanitarian  assistance to the over  100plus staff in the of the  hotel  nad also praised the hotel management mostly for the erection of such decent hotel in Liberia.

Civil society group  further  called on other  management to emulate the kind example of the management of   the Boulevert hotel  who  over  the  years  demenstricted   the truth  spirit  patriotism yo  thr prace loving prople through the promotion  of  the  government`s poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) thus bringing reliat ef to many jobless Liberians.

Speaking earlier the general manager of the hotel, Mr. Anwar Futloo, thanked the organization for the selection and recognition of the hotel, but said that, he is very much indeed grateful to the entire management team and the employees of the hotel for their dedicated services rendered the management since the establishment of the hotel.

Meanwhile, Mr. Halabi is calling on other business entities, companies and managers to respect the rights of their employees and do away with bad labor practices in their places of work.


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