Where is the Dual Selfie Camera on Itel S32

Where is the Dual Selfie Camera on Itel S32

-Users alarm


Users of Itel latest phone S32 in Liberia has been expressing dismayed over bad publicity carrying  on by management of Itel Liberia ltd. on the S32 phone product.

Users said it is disheartening to realize that Itel Liberia has misled the public   that the S32 phone has a dual selfies camera as a program on the phone.

The advertisement according to users attracted more customers to purchase the Itel phone because of the dual camera, but contrary to their thoughts users realized that the information about the dual camera was misleading.

Thou the S 32 has a very good camera which produces good images, finger print lock phone but “ we have been misled by the management of itel Liberia ltd. on the  issue of the dual selfies camera.

This situation continues to play on the mind  of users and has also  made them to wonder as if  Itel Liberia has the franchise from the original manufacturer of Itel to distribute  itel product in the country.

Other harbor the believed that all of the Itel phones are taking from the black market in Guinea, Togo, Ghana and Senegal respectively not from asia..

Investigation continues…


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