Mark Keshen Urge Students To Crave For Academic Excellence

Mark Keshen Urge Students To Crave For Academic Excellence

…Contributes LD$1m To ULSU Scholarship Fund Drive




Students of the University of Liberia campus-based Student Unification Party (SUP) were the happiest on last Friday when one of the contenders in the pending Montserrado County Senatorial by-elections, Mark  Keshen graciously presented a check of One million Liberian dollars to the students as his personal contribution towards SUP’s scholarship fund drive launched on May 18, 2018 on the main campus of the University.

At a well attended program which reflected student boby , many well wishers  and graced by  the chief launcher, former  student member of SUP  and now a innovative business Tycoom. Fox as he popularly known experience a  feeling of  being at home with his families, and friends.

During the rally  the chief launcher  told  the students not to   let  their culture  and civilization  die, Keshen  also told  the student  settle  for something challengingly  progressive, fruitful,  praiseworthy  or get ready for  fall for nothing.

Mark Keshen  who is also   one of Liberia’s youngest successful  entrepreneurs, also  urged students of the University to academically direct their future for the betterment of themselves and Liberia, and called on them to serve as ambassadors for academic excellence.

Addressing the students during the pogram, Mr. Keshen paid tribute to the late Wuo Tappia whom, he said, inducted him into the politics of the Student Unification Party, and also made mention of Jerome Verdier who was then Secretary General of SUP for encouraging him to form part of the works of SUP, noting, “These two men introduced me to first phase of politics.”


“I am not here to play politics, I came here to say the truth; I came here to support the Student Unification Party, the party that have brought in our country a lot of super and brilliant leaders; but 170 years have passed, this is what we are left with,” Mr. Keshen amidst applause, told the students about the importance of politics in the Liberian society.

Fox admonished the students  to trust  in themselves and trust those  who have  trusted themselves  upon been trusted by time, adding I was borned  raise up in Maryland county my  childhood part wasn’t malk.

He lauded the role played by the University of Liberia’s instructional staff over the years by nurturing the future leaders of Liberia, stressing, “this University has indeed played its part, but what is lacking, is our past leaders has failed us in our developmental drive.”

Mr. Keshen further recounted those days during his academic sojourn at the Boatswain Junior High School in Monrovia when he ate dried rice with what is locally called ‘muimui’ or sun-salted fish as his daily meal due to his determination to secure a sound academic status.

He used the occasion to inform the audience of his desire to serve his people in the Liberian Senate, stressing, “it is my desire to serve the people of Montserrado County; it is my quest to ensure that our people enjoy the wealth of their nation. It is our obligation as Liberians to contribute our quota to the growth and development of our beloved country,” Mr. Keshen told the students.

For his part, the President of SUP, Mr. Flomo Mau Maiwo explained about the importance of the launch of the SUP Scholarship Fund Drive, which he said, is aimed at helping students who are desirous of university education but lacks the financial support. “We are indeed grateful today to have one of Liberia’s youthful entrepreneurs coming to our rescue, and prayed that his contribution today will boost our strength in this endeavor,” Mr.  Maiwo told his colleagues.


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