Grand Kru County lacks Prison, Correction Facilities



Grand Kru County lacks Prison, Correction Facilities

-Supt Doris Ylatum

 Since the establishment  of  Grand kru County in 1984 the county has  been  without a  prison, correction center.

 this situation according to information gather by the business day Liberia  has been creating serious setback  for the county in the area of detaining  convicts  either by court rulings or arrested by police to serve detention term in the county. 

As a result  of the lack of  prison, correction center more  convicted criminals are either taking to Harper, Maryland  or  Sinoe counties to  serve their term or await court tries.

Grand Kru County have had lots of dangerous   criminal cases emanating from  hard man,  ritualistic killings “Boryor”  in which many Grand kru citizens  have been brutally killed but  suspects of these  heinous   crime  are always transferred to  Harper city,  Maryland County  and such cases according to our reporter in the County   are either  ignored giving the challenges associated  with the transferring of prisoners to Harper.

The bad  roads and logistics problem are some of the major impediment to the justice system  county.

The county administration in collaboration with  the county’s legislative concur   has been making frantic efforts to ensured that the county  get a  prison, correction facility  but their effort has yet to gain the anticipated result.

  Recently  the superintendent of  grand Kru County  Madam Doris Ylatum told the Liberian news agency via mobile phone interview  that as a result of  the lack of correction facilities in the county the plight of inmates and pre-trial  detainees in the county  are not being closely monitor.

This situation poses  extreme  difficulties  for the people of Grand Kru,  and that  sometime  prisoners  with lesser  crimes  are also set free due to congestion of the police cell in the county.

 Meanwhile, Citizens and residents of Grand Kru County are appealing to the government   of Liberia under the dynamic leadership of the president George M. weah to construct a correction facility in the county.

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