Imminent, Severe Food and other assorted goods shortages In Liberia If….

As NPA rolls out new platform which, Liberia Chamber of Commerce says, “adds no value”

The Liberia Chamber of Commerce has warned the Liberian government of imminent and severe food and other assorted goods shortages if it implements the Cargo Tracking Note (CTN) deal with Global Maritime Tracking Solution (GMTS).

The CTN deal, which is implemented by the Government of Liberia (GoL) through the National Port Authority (NPA) in partnership with GTMS, will see the company tracking all containers coming to and passing through all seaports in the country at an additional cost of US$175.

An LCC statement said the move by the government is duplicating requirements that are already being complied with by the importers of cargoes into the country, and it will also pose an additional financial burden on businesses and consumers.

“It also makes shipping to Liberia more expensive for suppliers outside of the country and adds no value to export and import. The essence of the GMTS agreement is to allow one company to make money from importers and exporters’ own information generated during their purchases and sales internationally,” the LCC said.

The LCC’s statement further added that, at present, they are still in limbo as to how much the fees per container could be, as GMTS, in its own presentation at their office, indicated it would charge up to 120 Euros per container, while suppliers have stated that they are being charged up to 480 Euros per container.

“The NPA is planning to start this process this month, ignoring the concerns of the LCC, which were communicated to them in a letter dated January 25, 2019

source: liberian Observers

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