CIMAF to impact Development in Liberia


Established Distribution  site In Maryland County


The  presence of CIMAF cement on the Liberian Market has automatically  created a sharp paradigm shift in  the prices of the commodity  in Maryland, Grand Kru and River Gee counties.

According  to  Market survey conducted by businessdayliberia prior to the appearance of  CIMAF product on the Liberian southeastern market ,  cement from cemenco, Futa etc  was sold on the parallel market  at the  price  of us$15-20 per-beg  respectfully.

CIMAF appearance has introduce a new price of  a beg of cement in Harper city and its surrounding at the  rock button price of  10 USD to distributers  while retailers now  market  to  earned users  at the price of  USD 11.00.

Due  the  high   demand for the distribution of the cement  in the various southeastern  market  the management of CIMAF  through its subsidiary  the west Africa international consortium  inc (WAC)  is to shortly  import  in the country trucks to carry on distribution.

For the past two months since its official appearance on the   cement market in southeastern Liberia (Maryland County) CIMAF presence has attracted so many Liberians mainly low income earners to actively get involve in construction work.

It is believed that   Management of CIMAF  which is  operating  in Liberia  through  an affiliate group   called West Africa international consortium  inc (WAC) recently enter  commerce of  Liberia.

CIMAF cement plants have been produced using the latest technologies available, making it possible to respect the most demanding national and international standards, both in terms of process and energy saving, and in terms of environmental protection.

The company has opted for internationally renowned builders, thus guaranteeing the respect of deadlines and the quality of the installations.

The ambition of CIMAF is to be a recognized operator in Africa in which Liberia is no acception in a strategic sector for the development of the continent and a professional and competitive player, contributing to the diversification of the offer and strengthening of the industrial fabric. According to the requirements of the market, CIMAF offers in addition to its main product cement, Concrete Ready to Use.

CIMAF offers its customers products developed and adapted to current or specific implementations: high-performance concrete, self-placing concrete …

High performance, resistant, adaptable and aesthetic, ready-mixed concrete is used in many fields of application: engineering structures, roads, individual houses …

CIMAF has a wide range of ready-to-use concretes perfectly adapted to the construction of different types of work:

Work of art


Industrial building, Tertiary, Residential

Specific concrete as needed.

CIMAF management  strive to provide the best services to all its customers by providing assistance tailored to their needs.

specialists  offer tailor-made solutions to ensure optimal use of our products.

The company also offer a paratransit service that respects the delivery times of our customers




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