It  is reported with documents that  Mr. Kanneh  served as a source  for Mrs. Sirleaf  illegal  funds transferred    from  Liberia.

According to UK base Expose Corruption Media Kanneh also received  13million united state dollars from  the  European union up tell   now the former finance minister have not giving  account  of  the amount and has not been  charge for corruption   because the amount was divided between  former president Sirleaf and  Amera Kanneh.

Former minister Kanneh according to report   experie nce three times budget short fall while serving as Minister of Finance and development.

Mr. Kanneh  was the brain behind the poverty reduction strategy , a program designed to remove  Liberians from poverty, it is confirmed that  Mr.Kanneh who  was also former minister of planning and Economic affair  spend  10million   united states dollars  to remove Liberians from  poverty  but this program  has  since failed to achieve  its intended purpose.

Konneh served as a medium of getting money from Liberia and subsequently     transferred to the account of former President Sirleaf and her son Robert for their personal used.

The  personal relationship between  former president Sirleaf and Amara Kanneh  has been noted to the extent that Konneh was the only  government official who  resignation program was widely  publicized  and president Sileaf  honored  him for a reason which  Liberians still in dought

This situation clearly speaks to the fact that Kanneh resignation was designed   by both Mrs. Sirleaf/Robert and Konneh to rearrange their stolen funds

There are hundrens of corruption cases in Liberia and if president WEah most fight corruption he most start with the first hundren cases but the question is   will President Geeorge Manneh Weah investigate those that has been accused  of corruption ?

The First Item of a President Weah’s Pro-Poor Agenda is to Conduct a Comprehensive Audit, Most Liberians wish President Weah success, especially when it comes to good governance and the president’s pro-poor agenda. But the first law of good governance is clarity.  That means the present government of President Weah must conduct a comprehensive and forensic audit of the previous government of his predecessor, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.  The essence of the audit is not to judge Madam Sirleaf and pretend that she is incriminated in any time.  The government-wide audit is needed for all government agencies so that the new administration can know where it is starting from and what resources and assets are at hand so that it can better outline and set priorities as well as know how to manage those priorities.  The lack thereof means the new government is operating blindly and the result would be it will blame for and inherit failures and disasters later for which it should not.


President Weah will do well to first order a full comprehensive audit of the previous regime. Then compare monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual revenues intake for the preceding years, then look at the government monthly payroll to know its balance sheet.


Plus, President Weah did go far enough with his 25% pay cut proposal and his call for the other overpaid government officials to emulate. There is a lot of fat/waste in the salaries of public corporations. I was hoping for a 50% cut, but something is better than nothing. So, we thank the president for a first start, but the Liberian people need more in salary reduction and waste management.

President Weah’s administration will take all the blame one or two years from now if no financial and operational audits are conducted so that the Liberian people know the state of the country and the economy his government has inherited.

This is why President George Manneh Weah either agrees to order an audit of all government agencies or bear responsibilities for any economic blame tomorrow.  By then, the Liberian people will entertain no excuses.

For example, at NOCAL former honcho, Robert Sirleaf was paid $360,000.00 a year in salary plus other perks and each NOCAL Board member was paid $9,000.00 a month for a whopper of $108,000.00 a year. Then NOCAL went broke after Robert left.

And the story is the same at the Liberia Maritime Agency where its former Commissioner Beyan Kesselly was raking in over $400,000.00 a year plus perks which would mean he earned more than the President of the United States who is paid a mere $400,000.00 a year. But President Donald Trump cut his pay to just $1.00 (I said just one dollar a year.). But you are not Trump, President Weah.

President Weah should also spare not the rod by auditing the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs so that the Liberian people that entrusted him with their vote and leadership can see the looting that former President Sirleaf carried out.  The question remains will President Weah sides with the Liberian voters or will he follow through on campaign promises that his main goal is to “protect” Ellen Johnson Sirleaf at the detrimental of the Liberian people who made him president.

Even if it means not bringing her (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf) to book for the over $31 million (for the Executive Mansion renovation) that went in the breeze without renovating the Executive Mansion, just carrying out an audit of the funds makes sense.  Mr. President, please look at the distance you must drive to commute to work every day from Paynesville to your office. The roads are bad, and driving is crazy in Liberia.

Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Many said she (Ellen) supported you because you would be “easy to control” to not go after her. Prove her wrong because you now have the power and not a darn thing she can do to stop you.  President Weah, when you were running for president and all the upper Liberians ridiculed you, our poor mothers and sisters walked around Monrovia kissing banners that had your images and name on them.

Young people––boys and girls–stood by you for twelve years, believing that you represent their hope and future.  While many still believe in you, they equally feel you are letting them down.  They cannot no longer reach you because you are now a “Big Man.”  Some even think this is the Weah they stood for and with.  Others believe you have abandoned them to stand with the people who looted the country.

You must prove your people wrong by standing with them rather than standing with the powerful and wealthy people that subjugated them to poverty and hardships. You have a choice Mr. President: you either stand with your people or you can choose to betray them by standing with the small group of individuals that drove them into 12 years of poverty and hardship.?

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