Grand Kru  Citizens Overwhelm  with Rep Fonati Koffa’s Generosity

The citizens of the southeastern county of Grand Kru, the birth home of the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah have overwhelmingly expressed their thanks and appreciation to their lawmaker,  Representative, Jonathan Fonati Koffa for his generosity since his ascendancy as their lawmaker in the National Legislature.


The citizens’ comments come in the wake of Representative  Fonati Koffa   numerous contributions to the growth and development of the county,  adding  Koffa  recent donation of COVID-19 preventive materials. including the donation of  45 KVA generator to the rally time hospital   is a clear indication of his  love   for his people.


Representative Jonathan Finati Koffa’s continue  contributions to the county prior to the out break and the out break  of the Covid 19 pandemic  have superseded other contributions being made by other citizens  in  the county, additionally his relationship with his people  has  been  notice by his  people  and made him a notable humanitarian.

presently koffa is being discussed by both citizens and residents  in the serious homes, quarters, villages,  towns and streets coners etc

Above are photographs of the lawmaker’s COVID-19 preventive materials presented to the citizens of his county.

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